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AKB0048 Episode 14

sequel to the first season
from EveTaku:
“And after two seasons, AKB0048 is back!

For anyone who missed the memo, we’re continuing the numbering from season 1, since the official site does that too, so this is episode 14 but it’s the first episode of the second season.

So we keep the numbering, too ;D

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6 Comments to “AKB0048 Episode 14”

  1. 1000mAh says:

    yay~! tack så mycket!

  2. Ashyru says:

    awww yiss, AKB0048 is here :D

  3. Anonymous says:


    They somehow made the show more awesome.

  4. Phantoms Cry says:

    Damn it… I was sitting down, watching the first, second in hand, and really thought I should watch this series too. So much on my queue gets scrapped because I wish I had more time. ^^’

  5. LUIS ANGEL says:


  6. IceMakeLoveGray says:

    pppppppllllllssss ssseeeeddd AVI!!
    begging u!! :(

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