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Another Episode 6

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36 Comments to “Another Episode 6”

  1. Noir says:

    YAY Another Another Episode

    My ranking for the series went up because of the last episode:D

    Cant wait to watch this

  2. Genkaku says:

    Hell yes! been waiting for this all week!

  3. xthedestroyer says:

    Finally!!! Thanks for this! Been waiting for this next ep!

  4. ObsidianBlood00 says:

    Why is the download so slow?!

  5. Noir says:

    Too many leachers?

  6. suiton says:

    This show is waste of time I rather to my wank watching Avatars Navi people!

  7. Puhipu says:

    Thanks <3

  8. Sakata says:

    @suiton, well go and wank over that instead of wasting your time here, stupid little twat.

  9. Noir says:

    I am betting that a girl is “it”

  10. Atama.Ga.Itai says:


    before watching this ep, let me get this straight ,, is she really a human ? FOR REAL ??? o.o

  11. Anonymous says:

    I like ddlanime and this series. I’m glad they got rid of that sendmyway crap(like I stated b4). Furzi or whoever has been doing a gr8 job with the uploading on a good filehosting site and accurate torrents. You sir get a Golden Cookie ;D

  12. Anonymous says:

    This is an Animal Free Zone. All pets must remain outside xD

  13. Anonymous says:

    avi please.

  14. suiton says:

    Fuck you avi userss hahhhahaha I have no money to use computer so instead of Avi I use wanky

  15. Tenshi Kanade says:

    Dammit Noir, I liked being the only one to say “Another Another episode”

    I kid. Thanks for the upload.
    It’s completely appreciable and coincidental (perhaps?) that two… messed up yet good anime come out Mondays (for me)
    Another and Mirai Nikki.

  16. Noir says:

    Well you were a little bit late lol

    I was supposed to type

    “Another First” but decided to do another one

  17. otakusensei says:

    OK, so suiton is a troll that can’t spell, and masturbates to Avatar porn… Grade A reason why there should be an I.Q. test to prevent certain people from having internet access.

    Can we just block their IP address so we don’t have to entertain any further unneeded avi-mkv debates and stop one more troll from wasting our time with more idiocy?

    I work with the general public and their technology questions, and I get enough of that already.

  18. otakusensei says:

    Oh and Sakata @ 10:55 am…… RIGHT ON, LOL!

    Seems that someone’s little pest of a brother somehow figured out how to get past their parent’s nanny shield program and found their way online.

    Kids these days!

  19. Tenshi Kanade says:

    Yeah Noir.
    Just a little, by like 2 hours :p

  20. Anonymous says:

    Hells Yeah the AVI is out xD

  21. Curse says:

    how i can use DDLANIME ? i want free download however i cant use because you must sign up ,and must use paypal to sign up T_T ,free download can’t download more than 100 MB

  22. Anonymous says:

    omg,can’t wait for the next episode.

  23. *________* says:

    ah so gooooooood!! thank youuuuuu

  24. arie says:

    you can sign-up in ddlanime without the paypal

  25. bleh says:

    last episode was such a twist.. cant wait to watch this.

  26. uhm says:

    the last episode was so anticlimactic i thought i was gonna stab myself in the leg.

  27. bleh says:

    omg hurry up episode 7!!!!

  28. thirteenth says:

    thanks for the upload furzi!

  29. rick says:


  30. its out says:

    this shit is A

  31. Noir says:

    I dont really get it… The last scene seems to give a lot more questions.

    Dat Dance scene was a nice change though :D

  32. Someone says:

    Jumbofiles very good site, well done…. use it more pleaze :)

  33. MgZ says:

    That video is a fucking spoiler

  34. JustMe says:

    The whole time that teacher is digging in his bag, I’m going “run.. Run.. RUN!!!”

  35. furzi says:

    The video is not related to the plot so it isn’t considered a spoiler.

  36. Envy says:

    Loveable anime <3

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