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Cardfight!! Vanguard

Cardfight!! Vanguard Asia Circuit Hen Episode 1 – 2


The second season of Cardfight!! Vanguard will follow Aichi, Kai, Misaki, Kamui, and Ren as they travel around Asia fighting different adversaries. The circuit will begin in Singapore.


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69 Comments to “Cardfight!! Vanguard Asia Circuit Hen Episode 1 – 2”

  1. godofgames says:

    god i be wating for the avi torrent

  2. Kuroi says:

    My god did it take long for this download. My patience was rewarded. Thank you!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    just saying you could watch the stream while the download goes by, then continue where you left off

  4. Roksu says:

    Not sure if Anime Senshi will encode them, but here’s the avi for both episodes for those who can’t wait:

    I did episode one last week but AS didn’t make an entry about it back then so I posted it on CFV episode 65 page.

  5. Phantoms Cry says:

    @Anonymous To be fair that would impact the download, and vice versa. I’m sure Kuroi would have finished the stream before the download finished (lol).

    My internet is poop. I’m using a wifi connection for my computer, based off an internet slow as hell. My average speed when I download a show is like 100-300kbs. :| I can understand why a 720p 10bit took forever.

  6. Phantoms Cry says:

    I just checked the size, and it’s average (lol). I don’t see the hype for 10bit, is it really that much better? When I look at the AnimeTosho screenshots I can’t tell a difference.

    I take my graphics card is just /that/ bad?

  7. Anony says:

    Been waitin for this for like 4 weeks? THANK YOU!

  8. unleashrage says:

    Thank you so much for posting these StarSeven truly appreciated :)

  9. Anonymous says:

    episodes 66-68 are out atm

  10. Old Sage says:

    So a new season It does make me long for season 2 of YuGiOh. Yami Yugi would figure out the game in 10
    minutes and wipe the field in short order. But that was then and this is now Hopefully Aichi Sendou will
    have more a personality this season Thanks for the

  11. drakke125 says:

    just cuz aichi can’t solve things in a fight doesn’t mean he doesn’t have personality. being the timid kind of person he is would be the personality that defines aichi and this show is about him overcoming his own timidness. even yugi was still timid till the end

  12. DaKamui says:

    will be waiting for the avi

  13. leo boy says:

    are you going to upload more?
    some stream site are already on ep 6

  14. unleashrage says:

    cr has got vanguard again, you can get torrents from nyaa or horriblesubs site

  15. unleashrage says:

    if you guys want avi il be glad to upload them, reply if you do.

  16. Karsen says:

    Yeah, if you can make .avi for this, can be helpful, i really need them

  17. aviguy says:

    heres episodes 1-7 i will do the remaining ones soon. Just fill in the missing dot.
    ep 1 jumbofilescom/e12qdefpxiqb
    ep 2 jumbofilescom/guexfs22vfvd
    ep 3 jumbofilescom/oxv1curfpe8j
    ep 4 jumbofilescom/tiiuh7czb7ng
    ep 5 jumbofilescom/lrx4dljeaf6c
    ep 6 jumbofilescom/py0rxouj6fjp
    ep 7 jumbofilescom/slso08scwd0p

  18. aviguy says:

    episodes 8-14, just fill in the missing dot.
    ep 8 jumbofilescom/6zxpdvnhfhrt
    ep 9 jumbofilescom/bxsxq98eh5z2
    ep 10 jumbofilescom/i10tgur0ncod
    ep 11 jumbofilescom/uic8943k92tj
    ep 12 jumbofilescom/ktieucpn1ule
    ep 13 jumbofilescom/zqh915kqbgwi
    ep 14 jumbofilescom/y9byczvsh093

  19. Karsen says:

    I can’t down them, try to put them on another host pls

  20. aviguy says:

    what host is good for you?..i have trouble uploading to mediafire for some reason anything but that you choose?

  21. Karsen says:

    I think FiberUpload or Rapidgator are good enough

  22. unleashrage says:

    @Karsen sorry about the delay i will upload vanguard in a few days

  23. unleashrage says:

    heres episodes 1-10 others will be uploaded 2moz, just fill in the dot.


  24. unleashrage says:

    episodes 11-18 just fill in the dot.

  25. Karsen says:

    Thx for them, hope you can do the new ones when they are released too :)

  26. aviguy says:

    sure can i might do 19-21 in a day or two but i probably will just wait until ep 22 is out on sunday and do a batch of 4 haven’t decided yet so keep your eyes peeled :)

  27. unleashrage says:

    heres episodes 19-22 just fill in the dot, also i will post vanguard from now on on sunday or monday but i may do it every other week or month unless there is a major cliffhanger, anyways enjoy.

  28. Karsen says:

    Thx for it :)

  29. unleashrage says:

    It’s alright no problem, can you believe someone had the nerve to say my encodes are low quality on the ginga e kickoff thread

  30. Last says:

    thanks for the links d00d…

  31. unleashrage says:

    episodes 23-25 remember to fill in the dot, also i encoded them differently tell me if the quality is any better or worse. i will redo them if worse.

  32. Karsen says:

    Thanks as always, you’re great :)

  33. Karsen says:

    Pretty much is the same, for a 480 avi, no one can’t ask for a bd release lol
    Thanks as always, you’re great :)

  34. unleashrage says:

    Ok great and no problem Karsen, i wish the other peeps who dl them would thank me time to time like you and Last. Instead of just dling and buggering off till i got more up.

  35. Last says:

    Thanks again for the links d00d…
    I know how it feels, people usually take some things for granted and wont even notice it if is gone…

  36. unleashrage says:

    heres episode 26

    @Last no problem, btw if anyone needs an avi for a series just say

  37. unleashrage says:

    episode 27

  38. Karsen says:

    Thx for these 2 epi :)

  39. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the links unleashrage.

  40. Last says:

    Thanks for the 2 eps unleashrage…
    finally after weeks of being stacked in work i can finally watch vanguard again…

  41. unleashrage says:

    Hey guys sorry about the delays i have been busy, mediafire is being a twat it won’t load my files or let me upload so you will have to wait till this problem is fixed. Also the episodes which i will upload will be 480p avi. Me being slow i just realized all the episodes i did were converted to avi 360p.

  42. unleashrage says:

    Episodes 28-32. Finally managed to upload them, if you come across any problems let me know as i have not watched these yet.

  43. Karsen says:

    Really thx for them :)

  44. unleashrage says:

    okay guys my mediafire account was suspended. i guess i will have to open a new account naming the episodes differently. but i will wait and see if the suspension on my account gets lifted.

  45. unleashrage says:

    it seems someone sent them a report :(

  46. Karsen says:

    Surely is full of annoying ppl around >_>

  47. Karsen says:

    @unleashrage When the last episode of this season (39) is out, can you post the last 7 avi? (33-39)
    I really wait for the next season too, Link Joker Hen ^_^

  48. unleashrage says:

    I didn’t realise it was only going up to episode 39 as i haven’t watched this show since episode 26 lol. Yeah i will upload for you but i will use a different host. rapidgator good for you?

  49. Karsen says:

    Any host is good for me :)

    Next year last epi and new season ^_^

  50. Karsen says:

    Finished, so next week new season :)

  51. unleashrage says:

    episodes will be up by saturday at the latest

  52. unleashrage says:

    episodes 33-37. the last two will be up later today or tomorrow. put the dot between rapidgator and net.

  53. Karsen says:

    Thx again :)
    For the new season if i can ask, can you do it the same too if isn’t a problem for you?

  54. unleashrage says:

    Yeah sure but i probably won’t upload them for a month or two as i am still behind on season two hence why the uploads are late lol.

  55. Karsen says:

    It’s good the same, if you can do it, i can wait all the time, I ilke your .avi for this series, so isn’t a problem of time for me.
    For where post them, i think here is ok until someone make another topic for the new season ^_^’

  56. Karsen says:

    Do you think that you can upload the last 2 episodes at least for now? Need to save all for space on HD lol

  57. unleashrage says:

    will put them up by saturday night UK time

  58. unleashrage says:

    The final two episodes 38 and 39 of season 2. I will start uploads for season 3 once i have finished season 2 but i got other anime to catch up on also and vanguard is 4th on my list so expect season 3 up some time near the end of Feb. put the dot between rapidgator and net.

  59. Anonymous says:

    Unleashrage thanks for all your hard work. Keep it up.

  60. Karsen says:

    Thanks, you’re always great :)

  61. unleashrage says:

    season 3 will be uploaded on sunday

  62. unleashrage says:

    Cardfight Vanguard Link Joker episodes 1-7 remember to fill in the dot before net, enjoy :).

  63. Karsen says:

    Thx, you’re awesome :)

  64. unleashrage says:

    next episodes will be up next sunday

  65. unleashrage says:

    Vanguard Link Joker 8-11.

  66. emmrie says:

    thanks, is there a way that I can have avi torrent for the asia circuit?

  67. unleashrage says:

    your best bet is to download the mkv for it and convert it yourself. Or i can re-upload it for you on rapidgator,filefactory and others so you can dl a few at a time, your choice?…download the Link Joker episodes before they get taken down though because i won’t be putting them all back up.

  68. unleashrage says:

    Vanguard Link Joker 12-15.

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