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Durarara!! Episode 5

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17 Comments to “Durarara!! Episode 5”

  1. jacob says:

    Where is the .avi? Can someone please link or something? :)

    Reply from AL92
    Plz stop requesting avi so fast ç.ç I’ll Upload them when they are ready

  2. jacob says:

    Why so negative? Go and change your dipers, then I’ll suck ya dick.

    Reply from Dirac12: it wasn’t me so don’t be an idiot.

  3. Dirac12 says:

    Who the hell here posted with my nickname and put that sick derrogatory comment. Jocob it wasn’t me so yeah why don’t you grow up. I’m going to have to talk with Methax about if regular visitors can use any name like including staff member names. Btw whoever did post using my name I’m going ask Methax to ban you and yes we can see you ip.

  4. jacob says:

    Even if its not you, just shut up and stop calling people idiot. you fag

    Reply from Dirac12: I guess I should apologize for call you an idiot so sorry. But really was it necessary for you to be posting insults which are much worse in your comments. In the near future if you want to be this way there’s going to be a policy to simply ban people who are disrespectful. Before you start getting on someone’s back because of a response from your derragatoy behavior maybe you should read what you’ve written. Man no appreciation for uploading shows it seems.

  5. Neopode says:

    Note: People can tell who are admins by the link in their name.

  6. Agent Applecore says:

    Note: people are whiny idiots when they don’t have their XviDs on time.
    :D I’mma enjoy watching the episode before all of you, I will, I will!

  7. Nick says:

    Thanks for the mkv guys!

  8. Al92 says:

    Done ^^ ( next time don’t start a fight on the .avi because I’m gonna upload it anyway when it’s ready xD)

  9. EdwardDFMA says:

    OMG! umm..yea..let’s just say that..umm..someone is looking for an early ban from this site..>.>…

  10. DarkLancelot says:

    that’s the result on rushing them when knowing that they’ll upload it… it’s like they can’t watch it anymore… what the heck..

  11. Anon says:

    Anyway, thanks for the uploads! :D

  12. bottlehead says:

    lol, too much arguing.. Who the hell wants low quality these days anyway.

  13. ffs says:

    how about both sides give it a rest ?

    look some people want avi to watch on things like dvd players or may have limited download quota so want a smaller download etc etc etc. if you dont understand these things or thats not you then keep your opinion on it to yourself.

    however asking for an avi right off the bat is stupid and rude. so dont bloody do it or you will be told to make it yourself. pushy gets you nowhere good.

    thanks Al92.

  14. Inara963 says:

    Just wanted to say a very big thank you for all the work done by the team.
    Really appreciate the avi uploads. Keep up the gr8 work :-)

  15. Angela~chan says:

    woww—-thank you very much for upload it in avi.!!!I’m so happy!TvT errr….if i ask will it be a little too much but I wish you still upload it in avi.(on megaupload)in the next episode too!…i’ll looking forward to it!><

  16. EdwardDFMA says:

    stop requesting avi!! omg!! >.< we will most definitely make avi for gg, ANBU, HorribleSubs and CoalGuys!! so just stop requesting.

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