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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist – The Sacred Star of Milos

After a mysterious prisoner with only a few weeks left on his sentence breaks out of prison in Central City, the Elric brothers attempt to track him down. The search leads them to Table City in the southwestern country of Creta, where Alphonse rescues a young alchemist named Julia from the very man they are trying to capture. In the thick of the fight, they literally tumble into Julia’s home turf, the slums of Milos Valley, and are embroiled in the grassroots rebellion of her people.


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77 Comments to “Fullmetal Alchemist – The Sacred Star of Milos”

  1. Kaengel says:

    Yeah Thanks ! I was waiting for this o/

  2. Knaix says:

    O__O !!

  3. its out says:

    well damn i gotta be dling this
    but torrents blocked here
    so i hope your sticking it on one of those dl sites for us

  4. inu762 says:

    @its out …I will be spliting the file in 3 and upload the 3 parts on jumbo, just wait for it, real life keeps me busy

  5. lonte boy says:

    it’s a movie??

  6. alti says:

    Will there be avi soon, please?…

  7. Anonymous says:

    @ alti might take a while noobert

  8. MrClosedEyes says:

    I’m so happy i have no words to say except this: “Yay! Yay! It out, finally! Woohoooooo!” ^^ :) :P


    is it an ova or it will be a new season?

  10. Phantoms Cry says:

    @Hekatoncheers Didn’t you watch the final movie? >.>

  11. Sakata says:

    awesome been waiting for this for aaages, mkv or avi would be appriciated!

  12. ttrt says:

    It’s a movie Phantoms Cry, but I didn’t really like it

    Mostly because things were wrong canon-wise

  13. Anonymous says:

    I was going to watch it…. Al is still Metal…. not watchan

  14. Anonymous says:

    no seeders at all damn

  15. Hyourinmaru says:

    Not working for me :S

  16. 0x90 says:

    im activly seeding atm the moment, there are seeders.

  17. dude says:

    Thank you! I hope we might get an avi when possible.

  18. DestaGenius says:

    Hell yeah!

  19. Twist says:

    Thank you for the soon to be uploaded jumbofiles! I can’t torrent and most hosts give me 10kb now so I am deeply grateful for a real hoster :)

  20. JustMe says:

    Why is dis only 720p!?
    *drops to knees*

  21. 6 says:

    Need an avi please

  22. Cosmoman says:

    what’s this? Movie?

  23. dacalot says:

    UTW will release Avi later

  24. godofgamer says:

    yes avi please in upploded

  25. DLG1210 says:

    you got to give it some time, UTW just released this today
    1080 & SD versions will come later

  26. Anonymous says:

    Awesome and Jumbofiles is the BEST! can’t it be used for all downloads…

  27. MKV says:

    IT’S FUCKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. SBXIII says:

    Not bad. Thing is, I already saw it for free when it came to theaters.

  29. larsjess says:

    dunno if its a divx codec, im still downloading. SOrry if im not supposed to post external links..

  30. Don says:

    Please Seed!

  31. JustMe says:

    I miss the old days, when SD was released first since it was fastest to encode, then HQ was released last.

  32. Anonymous says:

    You’re in the Present/Future things changed. I realized when I ran through 1 of my old boxes of stuff and saw a cassette player lol Nothing remains the same. In 3 more yrs we’ll be watching things off holograms and downloading files into crystals(fact: they already started the process). We are well into an age were we leave the Old behind and focus on the New.

  33. TimesTicking says:

    Well this is a huge surprise O.o
    I can’t wait to watch it XD

  34. hekatoncheers says:


    no not yet i just download it but will watch soon.

  35. adjas says:

    Lol w8ting 4 avi version

  36. skyrimwantsyoufordinner says:

    SO LATE, already saw this dubbed in theaters.

  37. Anonymous says:

    dub = blasphemy

  38. Anonymous says:

    why cant i see the sub’s? is this raw

  39. Mad_Vash_Kira says:

    i saw the english dub of this in theatres a few weeks ago with my anime club. this movie is so much better in theatres. but its still a great movie either way.

  40. Kiriko Hinamori says:

    thank you! waiting for avi~

  41. Zankes says:

    so many ‘waiting for avi’ cmon! u know the get go! it’l come when its good and ready not that i care though bcoz im an elitist and watch mkvs unlike u 3rd worlds newbies.


  42. shinart says:

    wait for avi thanks god bless

  43. Zankes says:

    @ shinart

    feck orf

  44. suiton says:

    hah, I’m a sad guy who will do a suicide, because I want to live in bleach world and fuck naruto in the ass

  45. deadpopstar says:

    The only reason I care about AVIs over MKVs (or OGMs/Mp4s/ect..) is my modded Wii wont play MKVs correctly like 70% or more of the time. Its nothing about being elitist. Wow, people need2 calm down! Im wanting the avi badly too, but be grateful to the people who upload/sub all this shit for as in the 1st place! Anyway..

  46. concretia says:

    I agree with deadpopstar!! These guys go out of their way to make sure we get the newest ep/movie releases–stop acting like spoiled toddlers and act your age, not your shoe size please.. Anyhow, I have the same problem with my multi-media seagate free-agent drive–it SUCKS so much =/ AVI is much more versatile!

  47. StarSeven says:

    avi eta is whenever UTW releases it.

  48. stealthixx says:

    do you have this on xdcc?

  49. Anonymous says:

    suiton says:

    February 13, 2012 at 10:13 am

    hah, I’m a sad guy who will do a suicide, because I want to live in bleach world and fuck naruto in the ass


  50. Anonymous says:

    @ deadpopstar i agree, and i watch my anime through my xbox 360. But when theres more than one request for an avi, in this case when over five people have saif AVi plz or something along the lines, theres sure to be a MKV person who will lash out, hence the battle between mkv and avi users. it will never end!

  51. shinart says:

    wait for Avi thanks god bless ….

  52. Brian Stann says:

    you aleady said that shinart!

    you are the reason mkv ppl hate us Avi’ers! one time is enuff and take ur religion somewhere else!

    U.S.A U.S.A

  53. Brian Stann says:

    oh and buzz off in a silent manner never to be heard from again, You MY N*GGa are a POOSTAIN on the anime community with all your excessive request for an avi.
    1 time is eneough brother!

  54. Brian Stann says:

    * these comments where directed at ShinFART! *

    u know who you are!

  55. Hawq says:

    hmm was trying to upload it as xbox 260 compatible mp4, watched it last night so it came out fine, but bayfiles has gone wrong with it, gonna have to try something else

  56. Kage says:

    VLC is not playing it’s video…. all it plays is audio.
    Any solution other than using window media player with K-Lite codec pack…??????

  57. Kage says:

    It’s true that installing K-Lite or other codec packs enable media player to play numerous video version, but installing them cause windows to work inefficiently. It’s happened in the past. My system used to get shut down automatically… so after searching for the cause of it in the internet i found that K-lite codec pack usually is the cause of such dysfunctions.
    When I uninstall that system got perfect.

  58. Anonymous says:

    avi please

  59. Rasmus says:

    do you have to have seen FMA brotherhood before you see this?

  60. StarSeven says:

    No, but it helps to have knowledge of FMA before watching it.

  61. Hawq says:

    http://jumbofiles.com/user/qwaH/76093/FMA_Milos 720p mp4 for the Xbox should be fine for PS3 as well, second part just finished going up so should appear shortly

  62. Hawq says:

    that’s hardsubbed, forgot to add that in the above comment

  63. Tsumiru says:

    OMG *OOOOOOOOOOOO* *freaking out* I was waiting so long for this *w*

  64. inu762 says:

    @Kage Maybe because your using fucking VISTA!!!

  65. msFiorentina says:

    the 720p mkv is 2.2 gb

    thanx for the up!

  66. nospeedlimit says:

    I’m still watching FMA: Brotherhood (ep 50) convert all my files to avi 480 and watching them on my 40″ TV (great cinema effect) everyone is invited

  67. Anonymous says:

    @msFiorentina mp4 is around 1gb

  68. nana says:

    Thank you so much for the avi torrent! :>

  69. syamer says:

    i hope someone can upload 1080p to jumbofile too

  70. inu762 says:

    @syamer you got to be kidding me, you know i need to split it in at least 8 or 10 parts of 500+ mb and upload them for you, right? dont bullshit me

  71. Kage says:

    I’m using windows 7. Neither vista nor the fucked version.

  72. DemonoidMaster says:

    @Kage, then you sir have a fucked up Windows install
    ..that.. or its something else that is installed on your computer. Either ways, get MPC-HC.. remove VLC and get that…

    2nd, update your fucking K-lite pack (and get mega.. alright dumbass) to the newest vers. (v8.4.0)

    then fucking configure your shit… because its your computer.. it won’t do everything all by itself..

  73. DemonoidMaster says:

    PS: also, chances are that this MKV (and alot more now) is encoded in 10bit instead of good old 8bit… which means you need to configure MPC-HC properly to play 10bit encoded videos

  74. jackrabbit.02 says:

    Thank you for the avi file! :)

  75. Kage says:

    It’s fucking solved…. and by itself. :-p

  76. Verlandiana says:

    Gosh, is it some kind of joke?
    every dl links I clicked one Jumblefiles went straight to Ads :(

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