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Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince Episode 2

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8 Comments to “Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince Episode 2”

  1. Alchemist says:

    First!!! So far love it

  2. Max_Otaku says:

    It has possibilities, although this weeks episode was kind of stupid.

  3. OutcastZeroOne says:

    This episode brought to you in part by Burger King (watch the credits for those who dont get it)

  4. old sage says:

    Corporate sponsorship for the cash strapped military-
    Brillant A possible working model for the US military
    Example Thunderbirds and Blue Angel with sponsors like Nascar does.

  5. Max_Otaku says:

    Oh god, any military that had to go around plastered in sponsor logos would have justification for going on a murderous rampage, just to burn off the humiliation. These guys only had 1 successful sortie under their belts, hardly a proven asset. Sending them out unarmed and all painted up for a PR stunt shows a level of command incompetence that borders on the demented.

  6. OutcastZeroOne says:

    lets not forget they picked the lowest scoreing students to toss into their newest machines. “Lets see, who do we pick. These guys are the obvious choice, they performed the very best on all the trials we’ve done, but nah, lets throw in the scooby doo gang who can bairly tie their shoes and see what happens. It should be fun!”. there are stories where fate stumbles into place, then there are those where stupidity rules their lifes. Still going to watch it though :p

  7. Mugen Chuyen says:

    Wow!! I thought this series was gonna be bogus, seeing the scooby gang in the ep 1 picture, but it is actually very, very good! It’s goofy & funny, serious, and action packed–not to mention the smooth animation style! I feel I will enjoy this series much!

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