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Holy Knight OVA

Holy Knight OVA 1

Mizumura Shinta is a plain undergraduate student. One day, he meets a transfer student from Romania, Kishimoto Lilith. She is a half human and half vampire. Through the life with Lilith, he knows the secret of his birth. He is the sole descendant of the Romuald clan, the vampire hunters.


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27 Comments to “Holy Knight OVA 1”

  1. culaine says:

    been looking forward to th9is hopefully the qualities not bad

  2. Strife says:

    avi plz…

  3. Snoopy says:

    yeah agree^
    when the OVA 2 coming anyway?

  4. ichigo says:

    Hey avi plz or can you make the filefactory work so that I can download it thanx you

  5. animefan says:

    avi format please thank you

  6. Shadow says:

    Do you guys know the same sub group made Senjou no Valkyria 3 OVA 02?


  7. dark.saber says:

    XVid/AVI or x264/mp4/mkv please on mediafire or jumbofiles

  8. paradox says:

    so uhm
    vampire bund?

  9. Tenshi Kanade says:

    As long as there’s no sparkling involved..

  10. bob_123456789 says:

    No avi yet?

  11. Anon says:

    ??? what is this only 2 OVA’s

  12. myvodkaa says:

    So this is awsome, but its only a OVA, I cant find any plans or info on this becoming an anime? is it just teaser? I want more of this!!!!

  13. Keraban says:

    Thx for avi file (:

  14. Phantoms Cry says:

    Fuck, this sounds cool too. Of course, it looks like a classic ecchi too (lol).

    It’s only an OVA? Is it like an OVA movie set, where like 6 are released? I would love to start this off too.

  15. Anonymous says:

    started the torrent first, let it run then looked for download links and got the whole thing before torrent even got to 50%
    That includes extraction and video load time too.

    Sad considering it was doing speeds of 500-700kb/s

  16. Anonymous says:

    I started watching it, but I think I might wait for a NemDiggers encode. No offense(towards the avi encode). The vid picture is pretty hmmmm (I’ll say it have a lot of pixels for a 720p release). Plus the audio is kind of weird. It’s like the backgrounds sounds are loud, but the people speaking voices are so low. I found myself consistently playing with the volume button. I really appreciate the effort nonetheless. Just trying to experience this at its best.

  17. Anonymous says:

    is has*

  18. Anonymous says:

    it has*

  19. Anonymous says:

    if anything im more anoyyed by how the characters resemble that other show.

    The main character with brown hair, his little sister with purple hair who had a crush on him forever, then the pink haired female protagonist with pink hair.

    I’m expecting him for no apparent reason to have a best friend with snow white hair

  20. weaboofan says:

    This anime is garb. The only reason I watched it is cuz the main chick’s voice is also Sanka Rea’s voice >_>

  21. Rey1994 says:

    BTW to those who are wondering why this anime have only 2 OVA it’s cause the original manga have only 9 chapters spanning over 180+ pages xD.

  22. 3DDoll says:

    Thnx for the .AVI ;3

  23. godofgames says:


  24. Anonymous says:

    whoa, the guy above me is gonna be the greatest politician ever

  25. Savage says:

    ^^guy above me^^

    One half hour OVA and it’s already better than Guilty Crown or Horizon.

  26. Phantoms Cry says:

    Better? Seriously?

    First off, where the hell are the guns? You can kill someone with a gun in one shot. One second it’s a town from the renaissance and ten years later it’s modern day life? It took the damn vampire hunter, new teacher guy, a week to establish the fact that the only chick with pink hair is a half vampire. This half vampire chick also needs to have sex, just to kill the child and the father? Why can’t she force it out of him then? He’s going to be killed in the end either way. Why does she need to have a baby too? Not enough blood (lol)?

    Also, I can understand the daddy issues, but come on. It’s like she’s going to fall in love with her father, and conceive a baby based on that aspect of love.

    Don’t worry, my standards are very low in anime. I can watch anything, and will (lol). This show looks like it’s going to have nice fighting in it, with a side of ecchi. Vampires are popular, like zombies, and vampire hunters are even cooler, so this sounds like it’s going to be fun.

    Can anyone tell me when we can expect another OVA? :c

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