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Iron Man

Iron Man Episode 5

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13 Comments to “Iron Man Episode 5”

  1. Athelias says:

    Winter 2011.

  2. Neri says:

    can someone upload in avi?

  3. Dope says:

    yes they will upload avi later!

  4. CanRock says:

    Thanks for the avi.

  5. EdwardDFMA says:

    I gotta admit, this episode was pretty bad ass. Well can’t wait for next weeks Iron Man :P and that wolverine teaser looks bad ass as well, except they really jacked up Wolverine/Logan, he is nothing like that, never had long hair. Plus if not mistaken he’s got like Grey highlights or something? wtf is that about? :P

  6. Mad_Vash_Kira says:

    in regards to Wolverine, they had to change the charecter design to make it look more like the anime style. the original US comic version of wolverine just wouldn’t work in anime very well. personally i like this design, he looks like the guy from the ninja skroll movie.

  7. Namor1 says:

    When is episode 6 to get encoded? At that time could you please encode it to .avi? Thanks!!!

  8. necromancer1983 says:

    @Namor1: Force-Works haven’t subbed ep 6 yet so it don’t think it’ll be encoded in to .avi till they do, they don’t appear to have a website so no idea when that’ll be.

  9. Namor1 says:

    @necromancer: thanks for the replay! I hope they continue to sub the series, I like it and it would be ashame to see it go by the wayside.

  10. Baby Naruto says:

    I hope Episodes 6-8 are released soon…..

  11. Prince says:

    If only they had a website, we could know if they had staffing problems or something…

  12. Baby Naruto says:

    Yeah, a website would be awesome.

    Or at least an IRC Channel.

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