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K-On! Movie


Graduation draws near for Yui, Ritsu, Mio and Tsumugi, the four 3rd-year students of the Light Music Club. They, together with Azusa, decide to go on a post-graduation trip. Their destination, decided by lot, is London!


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90 Comments to “K-On! Movie”

  1. Ayase says:

    Omg I’m first?

  2. RobZombie says:

    is this legit ?.?

  3. Anonymous says:

    FINALY!!! at long last!!!

  4. Trank says:

    I remember this on Aprils fool day :) .

  5. kent bartolo says:

    OMG im third!!
    i think so

  6. rjay92 says:

    O.O holy shit
    thanks a lot for the hard work guys!!!! respect :D

  7. godofgames says:


  8. gin-sama says:

    London in time for Olympics, and yes this is real! :D

    avi please.

  9. Toku says:

    Finaly~~~ Thank you soooo much~~ *W*
    (avi would be perfect~~ ♥ )

  10. Akarin says:

    thank you lord
    this will keep me from studying for my exam

  11. Anonymous says:

    Thank you!

  12. Carpetfluff says:

    Yup, it started popping up on the torrents yesterday but I was waiting for some decent subs.

  13. Kameko says:

    WTF something great this season ? must be a dream.

  14. nitpicker says:

    ” rjay92 says:
    July 19, 2012 at 7:05 am

    O.O holy shit
    thanks a lot for the hard work guys!!!! respect :D”

    Hard work? What hard work? They just re-posted these links from Coalguys. Coalguys did the subbing. You should be thanking them.

    When ddl and avi comes in, that would be counted as “work” and i’ll thank animesenshi for that. :D

  15. SUNTEARS says:

    waiting for DDLs

  16. hanaji101 says:

    finally! thank you!

  17. -MgZ_ says:

    YEEEEEEEEEES. MOVIE OF THE YEAR. Downloaded it a while ago in nyaatorrents. Thanks anyways!

  18. Forbiddenloli says:

    thats todays plan sorted – k-on marathon finishing with the movie :D

    Thank you Starseven and Coalguys!!!

  19. rjay92 says:

    @nitpicker valid point! forgot to thank coalguys as well :D cheers guys!

  20. pNut28 says:

    This Anime Season has been pretty mediocre so far
    This has brightened it up though hehe thank you!

  21. HELLOTHERE says:

    Is it real this time?

  22. Gazellle says:

    I just creamed myself.

  23. akujin says:

    AVI please

  24. seichi says:

    is this for reals?? finally! at long last! yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! yosha! ~~ arigatou. ♕

  25. Chihaya says:

    oh joy

  26. plx says:

    I will give you my first born in exchange for an avi today.

  27. Azil Nadiir says:

    As usual with K-ON! no bloody AVI

  28. Nking says:

    just wait patiently instead of whinning for avi.

  29. Nking says:

    They uploaded the mkv only a few hours ago after all so let them work in peace :)

  30. MalaysianIsStupid says:

    Can I ask, what’s wrong with jumbofiles part 1?

  31. Don says:


  32. Bobby says:

    I’m prepared to pop 6 bags of microwave popcorn to this.

  33. nOcTAKU says:

    gonna wait 12 hours until i can watch this movie…
    Anyway otsukaresamadeshita guys

  34. Mika-tan says:

    Avi please

  35. Anonymous says:

    For real this time?!!

    Also avi please!

  36. sh0 says:

    You got me during April, you won’t get me aga-

  37. lolanime says:

    loser pedo shit the movie.

  38. aaa says:

    make sure re-encode into avi xvid 704/720×400

  39. videofunguy says:

    @lolanime – that was not necessary.

  40. MKV says:


  41. Shinya says:

    avi please xD for torrent

  42. Demographic says:

    Did this just come out? I didnt know a K-ON movie was comming :o

  43. Raven says:


  44. Anon says:


  45. ikgakipeten says:


  46. Smoothtalk says:

    AVI should be out soon, just having trouble downmixing the audio. Stupid 6ch audio

  47. Raven says:

    AVI plsssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

  48. Imperio_Moe says:

    Hontōni, Hōnto?

  49. Bart Tuga says:

    Thank GOD, im awayting since the April fools prank *_*

  50. KON Fever! says:

    finally Omg I am so pumped up!

  51. plx says:

    Thanks smoothtalk, I definitely appreciate your work!

  52. YeHBaH! says:

    4gb of pure MOE! :D

  53. Fanservice says:

    Aaah,K-ON! I remember…

  54. peter says:

    Avi please and thank you in advance ;)

  55. varient z says:

    whats so great about the avi format is a mini-mkv better than the damn hell of a avi

  56. aguyfromnowhere says:

    could please make an avi version so that it will be faster for us to download it. thank you :)

  57. varient z says:

    hows it faster to download cause its a avi ,it never made much of a difference for me

  58. Lunaluna says:

    Lol yeah.. I remeber too.. I think is legit :)

  59. Hmm says:

    Is this a 10bit?

  60. Exist says:

    Avi please.. and thanks for the release…

  61. hearthstone says:

    avi’s are easier to play on older computers with poor specs.
    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I repurposed a very old laptop that I wasn’t using anymore, and have it permanently connected to output through my TV. I can watch mkv files on my newer desktop computer if I need to, but I much prefer watching them on my TV since the screen is larger and the area is more comfortable to sit in.
    The downside is that since the laptop is old and not very powerful, it only plays avi’s and some group’s 480p mkvs (ie. horriblesubs works fine). Anything bigger plays with video or audio lag.

  62. uqeitu says:

    where the K-Shit avi?

  63. kjlekd says:

    3.9g.b wtf

  64. Frogger says:

    I’ve waitied this long for the movie. i guess another day of waiting patiently for the avi won’t hurt.

  65. Tenshi Kanade says:

    I kinda forgot about the movie… okay, thanks lol

  66. Silver21 says:



  67. Exist says:


  68. Raven says:

    thanks for the AVI!!!!

  69. Anonymous says:

    why in the filefactory avi it said binbougami ga! and why no K-ON!? :v

  70. Smoothtalk says:

    changed thank you

  71. :) says:


  72. K-mania says:

    woohooo….loving this website…
    I’ll watch it tonight on my TV. :3

  73. K-mania says:

    Thank you for those who subbed it. :)

  74. Taschentuch9 says:

    Finally :D :D Epic movie, was worth the waiting. HTT’s english skills ftw! xD

  75. NeedzMoarKyou says:

    OFMG! I thought it was a repost of the april fools link. lol.

  76. Revolver says:

    Could someone put the AVI file in something other than fiberupload? You need to be a premium member to download the almost 900Mb file, Filefactory is acting up on me, and the torrent doesn’t seem to be working properly…

  77. houtarou oreki says:

    fuck chitanda, im gonna watch this!

  78. anonymous says:

    any chance of a Jumbofile, Mediafire, Freakshare, Rapidgator, Uploaded (not sure if this is still up or not) link for DL?

  79. anonymous says:

    for .avi*

  80. nitpicker says:


  81. Glock says:

    Waiting months for this. Thank You!!! :3

  82. michelle says:

    AN AVI!!! Oh thank you!!!

  83. jackrabbit.02 says:

    THANNK YOU!!! you guys made my week!!! xD

  84. Luigi says:

    seeds for AVI please.. :D

  85. zigg says:


  86. habbuza says:

    i wait for this for long time… yeah tnx for upload!!! :D

  87. CheeseDog says:

    thanks for the wonderfull movie XD

  88. 48-year old Otaku says:

    Oooooo, I wonder what fair parts of my country’s capital city HTT visit? Buckingham Palace? Trafalgar Square? The Trocadero? The O2? London Eye ferris wheel (opposite the Houses of Parliament, and outside the old GLC building & a stone’s throw away from the Namco Wonderpark arcade)…?!

  89. bipboppaskiddlydoobop says:

    thank you for the avi file–now i can play it on my 360! will seed for awhile.

  90. aditi says:

    how 2 download this movie guys?

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