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Kiss x Sis

Kiss x Sis Episode 9

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[Ryuumaru] Kissxsis – 09 [CF351431].mkv
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[SubDesu] KissxSis – 09 Uncensored (720×540 – Xvid)[25187449]
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14 Comments to “Kiss x Sis Episode 9”

  1. Jack says:

    man I haven’t seen this annoying type of censorship since the TV airing of Kodomo no Jikan

  2. Mad_Dog says:

    yeah ryuumaru got a hold of a bad raw.

  3. EdwardDFMA says:

    Yes they did, not surprised.

  4. If SubDesu’s release is uncensored, I’ll add that when it comes out.

  5. Mad_Dog says:

    guess i’ll have to wait till tomorrow to DL then. i hope you guys have the avi version out then too.

  6. /g/denizin says:

    subsdesu claims to be uncensored – but isn’t

  7. Added SubDesu’s XviD version. As /g/ denizin has said, despite claiming to be uncensored, the chickens are very much still there.

    Guess they want to at least save some stuff for the DVDs!

  8. DarkLancelot says:

    Craig is really true to his words! i’m very praised for the update… thanks… :D

  9. youwish says:

    … and so I stop watching this until the DVD-rips …

  10. Des says:

    Feck, the damn ducks where in SubDesu too :(
    Guess I`ll have to wait until the DVD rips too then :P

  11. uchujing says:

    may i know wat is DVD rips?

  12. shaggerz says:

    where can i get to see this uncut no ducks this annooying

  13. Ickyerr says:

    This shit isnt uncensored fucking lier XO

  14. proooo says:

    wow not uncencored when will the uncensored come out

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