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Magi Episode 15

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I’m having problems right now with Uploaded atm =/ it  probably won’t take files over 200mb


Blegh, no Uploaded link for this =/ been on *Pending* for over 3 housr -_-


33 Comments to “Magi Episode 15”

  1. Darkelarious says:


  2. Gloryman Petitus says:


  3. Psycho Dyke says:

    Magi is super duper fantastick

  4. Walla Walla says:

    I farted

  5. Trolololol says:

    I wonder if Magi will be an ongoing anime like One Piece or Fairy Tail not like a 24-episode anime..

  6. Pain says:

    well, theres 170 chapters of the manga so far and its ongoing weekly so i cant see a reason it cant go the way of fairy tail.
    Hope it does, theres been too many short anime lately

  7. haru says:

    avi please..

  8. Arklash says:

    i’ll do the avi =/

  9. Arklash says:

    holy shit, nearly 600MB .____. (mkv) … well, at least it isn’t 1GB per episode haha

  10. Voice from the Void says:

    170 chapters doesn’t mean much when it’s about 5 per episode the will run out of materials way too quick for there not to be seasons with annoying breaks

  11. niO says:

    i’ll wait 4 avi. thanks.

  12. Subaru says:

    @Arklash: 1GB per episode!? O.O What kinda anime is that?
    Anyway, thanks a lot for agreeing to do the AVI. Thank you!

  13. Subaru says:

    EDIT: As far as I know, this series is planned as a 24-parter. PLANNED. Doesn’t mean there won’t be a second season or something, tough.

  14. Pain says:

    hmmm but fairy tail was planned for 49 episodes originally ( or 47 cant quite remember but it was one of those) and yet its up to 165 now, also theres about as much content in the magi manga as the fairy tail manga, even without filler arcs i recon theres about enough for 100 episodes ( during which time more chapters will be released)… but then again who knows what the anime people are thinking but well see i guess

  15. Frank says:

    avi plz

  16. Jack ASS says:

    avi you bitches…

  17. Kiba says:

    this is one ridiculously file size for a 24min episode…. what’s next 1 GB episodes?

  18. Arklash says:

    1GB? try Kyoukai senjou no horizon in BD… REAL BD…. FUUUUUUUUUUUU fucking 15GB per season (2 seasons)

  19. Arklash says:

    13 episodes each

  20. niO says:

    well they better have more than just 24 episodes. where can i even go ‘n vote so that it doesn’t stop at twenty-four? man, i think we should all go ‘n vote for more episodes of magi. is there even a site for it?

  21. Danisco says:

    waiting for avi torrent…

  22. KW Prince Vegeta says:

    the avi from rapidgator well over 3 hrs speed 10-15KB/sec

  23. KW Prince Vegeta says:

    Slowed down now over 4 hrs

  24. KW Prince Vegeta says:

    rapid my a$$

  25. 2518 says:

    torrent avi not working

  26. Hikari Tsunanda says:

    this is one of my favorite shows this season

  27. Anonymous says:

    lol 15gb per season :P

    I have a 13gb unlimited blade works video :P

  28. Anonymous says:

    who the hell encoded this to AVI? the resolution is too high you should have encoded in 720/704×400 resolution

  29. magemasher says:

    re-encode the avi version pls. =D

  30. Anonymous says:

    re-encode plz i need to convert it after downloading this AVI version

  31. Arklash says:

    ugh, fine, Ert, you heard them, your encodes are pretty bad, but that’s weird, you told me things i already knew that actually work ._.

  32. Arklash says:

    uploading* btw, movies can be up to 25GB big i heard, i have only gotten 15GB ones, i’ve never seen bigger than that

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