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Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! Episode 2

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22 Comments to “Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! Episode 2”

  1. Carpetfluff says:

    This season’s dynasty warriors anime; not sure what all the hate for the first episode was about – it was obviously just giving a look at the players. Chances are it’ll settle down into some story now.

  2. Bereisgreat says:

    I’m really looking forward to this, it looks okay. Just waiting for the avi >>

  3. EmeralSoul says:

    I don’t understand nothing but it’s still great to watch them all fighting.

  4. Freak says:

    these bitches got super powers

  5. DT says:

    Very nice, subtle censorship.

  6. Ashyru says:

    Yay the next one is here :3

  7. Anon says:


  8. DisgruntledKyubey says:

    This is exactly what I need after having my mind blown from watching Breaking Bad. TY!

  9. Parrot says:

    I’ll give the second episode a chance, but I don’t know how anybody could defend the first episode at all. Just “giving a look at the players”? Well, even if that’s what it was trying to do, it did an utterly terrible job of it.

    A bunch of fight scenes strung together without any kind of context is just not entertaining to watch.

  10. Subarufreak says:

    ahodomo AVI please

  11. Jibun says:

    lol parrot is better than everyone else, of course.

    Anyway, enough talkking about elitists – this and ben-to will be the funny animes of the season.

  12. Freddie_Freeloader says:

    Much better than ep 1. It was still dumb but actually had a plot this time.

  13. Carpetfluff says:

    Thanks for your aiming your comments at me; I just thought people were being a little harsh – I never said I though it was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. There are dozens of anime with large ensemble casts that take 2 or 3 episodes to even begin a decent plot, so I was just saying I hoped this was the case here. If ya don’t like it…don’t watch it.

  14. Parrot says:

    Sorry if it seemed like I was aiming at you, Carpetfluff, I was basically just being critical of the show.

    I used your quote because I thought it was particularly appropriate, but that doesn’t mean that I was trying to embarrass you or anything.

    And I don’t think it’s particularly elitist to criticize a show.

  15. Carpetfluff says:

    No worries; I wasn’t rabidly defending it, but I’ve seen much worse opening episodes.

  16. The same guy as before says:

    What the hell, there were people who disliked the first episode? It was pretty much the best first episode of the season, with stuff happening everywhere and giving a nice introduction to everyone. What the hell.

  17. Parrot says:

    So you don’t think that it was way too busy? That there was no way to really get a handle on any of the characters because there was nothing of substance conveyed about any of them because the whole show was basically a gigantic battle scene that’s completely empty because the viewer has no reason to care about anything that’s happening?

    I think the only reason to like the first episode is if you just really really like battle scenes to the extent that you don’t care about things like characters and plot.

    And that’s okay, you can like it on those grounds. But just admit that that’s all you’re getting out of it.

  18. Tenshi Kanade says:

    From the first episode, I got this:

    Either the main male role is into incest and has many sisters, or they look up to that one girl that took on 3 people as an older sister.
    A couple people like the main male and are basically hacking@life because there were a ton of random explosions basically.
    Etc, etc.

    But for being all this action, I’ll continue to watch it… I’ve never been into action-oriented anime much though..

  19. Parrot says:

    I briefly scanned through the second episode just now – looks like this one might actually have a story! I might just put this on my watching list after all!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Is that just me or that bandage-face dude stood still until night?

  21. Jibun says:

    wow parrot gtfo

  22. Carpetfluff says:

    lol…I’m saying nothing.

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