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Nana to Kaoru

Nana to Kaoru OVA 1

So I heard you like ecchi.

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5 Comments to “Nana to Kaoru OVA 1”

  1. zii says:

    manga is great, hope the anime gets best of manga :D

  2. Zelmaus says:

    So, is anyone else getting green lines on the mkv?

  3. zii says:

    Manga is better – this oav breaks everything and concentrates on fan-service. Drawings are brought straightly from manga what doesn’t look too good on animation and voice actors(subjective opinion) aren’t too well chosen for the roles.

  4. jii says:

    The OAD concentrates on fanservice because the manga is fanservice. Nana to Kaoru has no deep plot or characters, it pretty much makes its money through being as risque as possible

  5. zii says:

    That’s not what I meant. Yes, you’re right about simple plot however in manga kaoru explains the “science” behind SM and other perversions. Additionally there’s of course keeping a secret and unrevealed love between main characters. In this they just cut those down and used 90% of time for showing fan-service.

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