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Naruto: Shippuuden

Naruto Shippuden Episode 234

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18 Comments to “Naruto Shippuden Episode 234”

  1. ItherNiT says:

    first blood

  2. zero says:

    2nd! thanks!

  3. killa-ninja says:

    lol filler

  4. Martin says:

    Pfft, they’re starting to look like bleach now.. they shouldn’t keep on filling with this trash ._. I want the storyline already =C

  5. Jimmy says:

    they should do like one piece…. in this rate, they are gonna lose alot fans and popularity…

  6. No.1 says:

    At least the fillers aren’t as abrupt as Bleach. One Piece and Naruto fillers look like they fit into the main storyline or serve as transition episodes until the arc in manga gets far enough ahead or just concludes. Bleach fillers suddenly change altogether like what you saw during the Hueco Mundo arc/battle against Aizen.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Though, to be fair, that’s because Bleachs story (at least since Hueco Mundo) hasn’t had any point where fillers could be implemented in a reasonable way. It has basically been one continous arc for some time now.
    I completely share your dislike for fillers, though…

  8. The Aqu says:

    Agrees with anonymous and remember u can always just skip all these brainraping eps

  9. One Piece #1 fan says:

    @ Jimmy..im totally agreeing with you!

  10. SG says:


    i actually think bleach has better fillers, because they don’t take place in the main story line, which allows for more creativity, where as fillers in Naruto just take a boring situation and drag it out as long as possible

  11. Cal says:

    Fillers must die.

  12. Akatsuki Sw1tch says:

    No fillers are good at all apart from maybe the one comedy ep once every few years, Apart from that they tarnish the series & i then refuse to buy the box sets because i’m not paying money for darned filler eps with childish Plotlines/Villains

    If i was ever a story artist i would have someone hung, drawn & quarterd for ruining my franchise with complete bollocks, If you catching up to the manga storylines THEN BLOODY STOP FOR A WHILE!! that’s why they call them series folks.

  13. G says:

    well at the very least, one piece started with the new world episodes (at last!!). and bleach started its new saga… (waku! waku!) and as for naruto? wtf the only thing worth watching sometimes is the opening and closing themes. (but after hearing it for a few times, starting to get boring too…. BOOOOOO!!!)

  14. Anonymous says:

    stop the fillers already!!!!! …………….>_>

  15. Lara says:

    AVI please…

  16. dwadewade says:

    I have to say I actually enjoyed this filler

  17. lonelyfire says:

    no avi??????

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