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Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Episode 14 [True Route]

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55 Comments to “Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Episode 14 [True Route]”

  1. z says:

    first. :D

  2. Noir says:

    Ouch and here I am right now without any decent internet connection….

  3. masterlolio says:

    Screw avi I’m going in now.

  4. T.I says:


  5. Joeftw says:

    lol best shitty game award

  6. mayu08 says:

    Best way to end the day.

  7. ForbiddenLoli says:

    love the ending lol – and kuronekos “love you as much as your sister does” – hes so oblivious its deadly
    last ep next month :)

  8. Steven says:

    nice XD

  9. ronelm2000 says:

    @_@ I wonder still if someone turns it to avi

  10. Anonymous says:

    Avi Please!

  11. nana says:

    I wish avi comes soon~ :D

  12. BP says:

    y don’t these people check da link n see the size of this file…man…it’s not dat big u know…

  13. bronakopdin says:


    Well people don’t watch avi’s just for sizes but for the format itself! Not every player/computer likes mkv’s! it’s just a big pixelparty and that’s it… so don’t blame people for their preferences without knowing why, please!

  14. AVI BOY!! says:


  15. AfroSamm says:


  16. Sonic says:

    You can’t play MKV on your TV so that’s why AVI PLZ

  17. Afro says:


  18. Avia Lavigne says:

    Please upload an .avi format of this, Thank you in advance!

  19. anon says:

    So what computer specifications are required to mkv?

    In other words what makes a computer shit or good enough to run avi / mkv?

  20. AnonymouslyNotHere says:

    I… I can’t wait for AVI… I’ll have to settle for non-big screen and watch it at VLC… Though I still do request AVI…


  21. StarSeven says:

    400p on big-screen… :<

  22. Avia Lavigne says:

    In my case, I need avi format so I could play it on my iPod on the go.
    Simple as that.

  23. Cena says:

    Prise the lord!!!!!!!!!

  24. Afro says:

    42″ big screen flat screen high definition tv beats high def 13″ screen on a desk with scrambled instances in the video. this is the reason so many people nag for AVI.

  25. SIN says:

    Troll alert.

  26. xshinox says:

    “So what computer specifications are required to mkv?

    In other words what makes a computer shit or good enough to run avi / mkv?”

    my PC was made in 2003 and it is able to play MKV files. just not 720p videos. people really need to upgrade their computers

  27. SIN says:

    MKV IS A FORMAT!!!!! YOU NEED A CODEX TO PLAY IT, DOWNLOAD VLC http//www.videolan.org/vlc/ here. and you just play it like a regular AVI

  28. Mune says:

    What if there is no immediate need to update their computer beyond the ability to play MKV files? And what if that’s not even their preferred way of viewing media files? I’d much rather do it from the comfort of my couch on my HD television. Regardless if it’s 360p, 400p, or 720p, it doesn’t really matter to me. If people want HD releases of their anime, why not try supporting their local anime industry by purchasing DVDs/BDs?

    Not sure why I bother. I’m almost certain every last person who complains about people wanting AVI versions are trolling for the sake of trolling.

  29. SIN says:

    i called the trolling alert hahaha, MKV long story short is just a better way of storing video information and subtitles and what not

  30. Anon says:

    Requesting avi.

  31. Sonic says:

    Mune has a point…

  32. SIN says:

    no he doesnt. he just wants it Xvid so it plays in his shitty tech

  33. Sonic says:

    HDTV > computer

    Enough said.

  34. Avia Lavigne says:

    What HE/SHE said was a big crap. “Why bother?” then why are you here in this site in the first place? You are just one of us leechers, not to mention a trollface too. Each and every one of us has their own circumstances. Were not as rich as you and not as contented as you do. So stfu and don’t get too moody telling ppl how to watch their leeched downloads.

    Anyways, please upload a .avi format of this! Love this show!

  35. SIN says:

    HDTV + Computer = Nuff said

    you know this.

  36. SIN says:

    @Avia Lavigne. People are stupid, expecially HE/SHE LOL.

  37. SIN says:

    @CraigTheOtaku GO CANUCKS GO

  38. Cptn. Oblivious says:

    My computer plays mkv just fine and I can hook my computer to my tv with an hdmi cable. However, I still prefer avi because I can play it on everything. Still, you don’t see me asking for avi because I know it will come. I get annoyed by both parties. When can we stop arguing about this?

  39. Anonymous says:

    Yehey! avi now up!
    Thankie very muchie CraigTheOtaku!

    @SIN, yeah I know that I don’t even want to MENTION it. FEEL the COUCH and your sh*tty HDTV!

  40. loki says:

    the fileserve link for avi is not valid anymore.

  41. Cloudlte says:

    MU or HF of avi…whenever someone gets the chance, please and thank you.

  42. lol says:

    ahhhh!! torrent avi :)

  43. Keimagami says:

    MY INTERNET IS TOO SLOW TO DOWNLOAD BY DDL (ex: megaupload, fileserve, etc)
    please, thanks in advance :)

  44. ronelm2000 says:

    I’m using avi cus I can only play it in my samsung spica. that is all…now w8ing for the torrent.

  45. Taht Guy says:

    umm will there be a mega link for the avi?

  46. Anon says:

    thanks man

  47. Cloudlte says:

    I’m like hating this shit, can someone please put up MU avi link….PLEASE!!!! FS is not working for me at all, it hasnt for a while now….please please please please please….I know I’m crying, but still and the torrent doesnt work for me either, I dont know what the problem is….

  48. Touhou says:


  49. TimesTicking says:

    last episode is gonna be released sometime on the last week of may?

  50. Cloudlte says:

    Thank you sooooo much CraigTheOtaku, you are my hero. :)))))

  51. starchild says:

    wait wait wait!! one episode take 4 weeks?? oh..dear..

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