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Saint Seiya Omega

Saint Seiya Omega Episode 12

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9 Comments to “Saint Seiya Omega Episode 12”

  1. Just Another Guy says:

    More Saints yeah..First!

  2. KITT says:

    where is the mkv file ?????

  3. Anonimous says:

    instantz releases this on monday…

  4. Yuna89 says:

    thanks =)
    I love this anime

  5. Lunarfang says:

    anyone know why the file on Filefactory dl is a file looks unidentified on the dl folder?

  6. magic carpet says:

    download for fiberupload doesn’t even work you get put in a que position forever, filefactory is the worst and the torrent is far too slow

  7. Radamanthys says:

    Are you guys going to upload the .mkv 1080p file?

  8. Asmita says:

    Hey guys, I’m waiting on the 1080p .mkv file… where is it?

  9. Dani says:

    This episode does not load

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