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Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi

Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi Episode 10

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24 Comments to “Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi Episode 10”

  1. PinK says:

    … Patiently awaits for the avi ^-^

    Thank you Guys!

  2. Ai-chan says:

    Yes- episode 10!!! <3 I've been watching this series and I love it sooo much = ) Can't wait for avi!

  3. Sen Chan says:

    The torrent links don’t seem to be working…

  4. Berry says:

    thank you so muchhh >O<!!!!!!

  5. ToxicDinoRawr says:

    Oh my goodness! This is my FAVORITE episode about Hatori X Chiaki its SOO good! Just waiting for the .avi and I’m SO excited for the rest of the series. **Just a note, Kisa X Yukina is my favorite couple. I just really like the story line for Hatori X Chiaki**

    Does anyone know if each story has its own name like Junjou Romantica – Usagi X Misaki
    Junjou Terrorist – Miyagi X Shinobu
    Junjou Egoist – Nowaki X Hiroki

  6. Mikoto says:

    This series is so cool~ Waiting for avi…. :D

  7. vessto says:

    And another troll episode from the troll homophobe.
    Go hate somewhere else.

  8. vessto says:

    Isn’t there some mod? Ihatstupidmovie spoiled the previous upload with his hateful comments. Now he does the same. I thought bashing is not allowed here. He call us trash last time. So I hope the mods will set some anti-bashing rule.

  9. vessto says:

    Noone can say if something is stupid if he/she didn’t watch it. Saying this ONLY because it is about gay relationship makes you nothing but stupid, trash and hateful homophobe.

  10. bronakopdin says:

    vessto is totally right!
    if you are not OK with this themes, just ignore them and leave us alone!
    Or did you see anyone here who’s chasing an Anime you love just to offend it and its watchers?

  11. vessto says:

    I never bashed the genres I don’t watch. I never offended any anime from them. I never went to some anime’s page to bash it and to bash it’s fans. That’s what the common sense is. But the homophobes, the racists, the anti-semmites don’t follow any common sense, they follow their poisonous hate only.

  12. Ai-chan says:

    Everyone, I know it isn’t nice when people post mean comments about things we love, but I think it would be better to just ignore them! We shouldn’t let it spoil the fun for us!! =O

  13. vessto says:

    I think some rule have to exist in the comments. Because mean ppl have mean minds and cannot show respect. This site is a nice place. In the forum’s rules it is forbidden animes and fans to be bashed bc of GLBT relation. Imo this have to be applied here in the comments too bc such hate spoils the site nice mood.

  14. vessto says:

    Thank you, mod.^^ At least some justice have to exist. This person called us “trash of the community” in the page of episode 9 and he thought he could continue in 10. Thank you for your action!
    Sry for my rants but trolls like him really piss me off.:/

  15. Sorry it took a while, but please be assured that homophobic or other abusive comments aren’t tolerated.

  16. Last says:

    Thanks Craig!

  17. Mikoto says:

    Thanks Craig! Good or bad it seems….Let’s just watch the anime till the end to give our judgement. No offence,ya?

  18. vessto says:

    Thank you for the avi!<3

  19. xoxInnerHollowxox says:

    Thanks for the Avi :)

  20. Jadey says:

    theres more than just 10 episodes?
    another series???????

  21. Frau says:

    Still have 2 more episodes ^^

  22. vessto says:

    Also there’s OVA (and ver2 of it), which is directly released in avi so it is not posted here.

  23. ToxicDinoRawr says:

    Hmm? I’m not fully comprehending…
    There’s going to be another OVA! **YAY!**
    And there’s only going to be 12 episodes in the first season? They’re surley making another season right? There’s like so much to still cover in the manga! :,( I’ll be sad, but as long as they’re gonna be another season, that’s okay. I’d be really xcited for another OVA though. The first one was very good. :)

  24. vessto says:

    According to AniDB the OVA must be two. Or so I think.
    I wish they make season 2 and season 3 of Junjou Romantica as well!:D

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