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Sora no Otoshimono: Forte

Sora no Otoshimono: Tokeijikake no Angeloid – Movie

Movie adaptation of the Sora no Otoshimono manga, based on Kazane Hiyori’s arc.

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10bit and avi when SubDESU release them.
1080p’s still uploading, might take a while.

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59 Comments to “Sora no Otoshimono: Tokeijikake no Angeloid – Movie”

  1. yayP4 says:


  2. furzi says:

    Oh and yeah, first.

  3. luffy165 says:

    So glad this is finally out! Watching it as soon as im finished downloading.

  4. Phantoms Cry says:

    @yayP4 LOL

    When I first saw this on the anime lineup, yeah, that’s what I though. It still looks interesting. ^^

  5. Anonymous says:

    Please upload the parts with someone else (preferably jumbofile) as DDL will not let us download anything over 500MB which sucks!

  6. shinart says:

    wait for avi thanks god bless

  7. furzi says:

    You need to register on the site as a free user to be able to download files over 500MB.

  8. Rockstrvin says:

    WOW I LIKE IT :D God Bless Subbers :)

  9. Tenshi Kanade says:

    Wooo, thanks.
    I’ve been waiting for this for ages.

  10. Steve says:

    The sound seems to be going wrongly to the left speaker much of the time. Or at least it is in my setup.

  11. otakusensei says:

    @ furzi

    Pretty sure that I had to register on DDLanime to download anything, not just 500mb files. – Either way it’s free so what’s stopping people?

    Just register, download, and enjoy… Why complain about it?

    And thanks in advance for avi!

  12. EmeralSoul says:

    I had sex with my screen cause of this movie.

  13. YayP4 says:

    hmm… someone review this movie and make a comment here, not sure if i wanna download this

  14. Love says:

    @Steve, yeah, me too. Left side. I wonder is it my set up, too.

    Thank you!

  15. kami says:


    I have been waiting ages for the movie, thank you very very much.. ^^

  16. Anon says:


  17. NatsumeKonno says:

    sweet downloading right now.

  18. The same guy as before says:

    At least the guys at SubDESU are nice enough to still release XviD versions.
    Being poorfag is suffering.

  19. future says:

    a movie yay!!! this is gonna be fun!

  20. AVIplease says:

    waiting for avi

  21. MgZ says:

    ^ lol

  22. bakainu says:

    same as AVIplease

  23. soviet73 says:

    Thanks Furzi for posting this :D

  24. S p e e d S t a r says:


  25. XxLEGENDxX says:

    avi pleaseeee! ^_^

  26. Arklash says:

    i still remember how i watched this thing… it was my first ecchi anime… my girlfriend told me to watch it(she´s more of a Otaku than me e.e) so i watched it, she told me it was a LITTLE pervy, so i said [OK]…. e.e but i ended up LOVING this anime, i hope theres a 3rd season

  27. Aelyia says:

    and theres a third season comming out! :D

  28. pieman says:

    f……… my shity connection
    i have to torrent this both today and the AVI release when its out
    is ok though ive read the manga so im in no hurry

  29. Carpetfluff says:

    I hate to say it, but this is really disappointing as a movie. It’s like a glorified recap episode with a side-story thrown in – huge chunks are scenes from the series.

  30. lllllll says:

    hmmm if its just a recap i might pass

  31. Carpetfluff says:

    I posted this while still watching it and I was about 50 minutes in…but it does pick up and become it’s own thing for the last 30 minutes or so, so it’s worth watching for that – I can kind of understand why they re-used so much in context to the story here, but I’d only recently watched the series and it felt a bit cheap.

  32. Neko says:

    DDLAnime is so slow for parts 1 and 2…please switch to jumbofile or fileserve please!

  33. MrClosedEyes says:

    Need avi please……

  34. Eld says:

    i mean its 1.4gb

  35. animeotaku12345 says:

    I never thought this would come out.

  36. shinart says:

    try Mediafire other link wait for avi thanks god bless

  37. Anonymous says:

    This is it, what i’ve been waiting for this whole time.

  38. shinart says:

    avi plz

  39. Kazi7 says:

    not a good movie because its half a recap but whatever wasn’t was enjoyable


    a 3rd season has been green lit

  40. Anonymous says:

    avi on the subdesu webpage or at nyaatorrents

  41. Carpetfluff says:

    The actual new story was really good, but they should’ve done that in a 45 minute OVA – I almost didn’t see it because I got bored of the first 50 minutes being mostly re-hash.

  42. NAO_Project says:

    i wonder if there’ll be a 3rd season

  43. Ultimate_Baka says:

    Fairly sure that when I saw that this had been released I jizzed in my pants

    And I think that season 3 is confirmed?

  44. Snoopy says:

    yeah you right, season 3 confirmed
    btw 1,4 gb is so lame but it fair price for this movie
    and the “Learn to fucking read” is make me laugh

  45. Tenshi Kanade says:

    Even though the first many minutes were all recap.
    They captured some of the funny parts so I don’t mind at all.
    As someone who hasn’t watched the anime or read the manga in months, it was pretty worth my time IMO.

    Still a Nymph fan though.

  46. avihunter says:

    waiing patiently avi~

  47. MiKi says:

    Hiyori > All other angeloids!! nuff said >.< i cried manly tears when i read the manga, still i cried manly tears when i watched this!

  48. JustMe says:

    JustMe posted the AVI link already from SubDESU.

  49. avihunter says:

    @JustMe oh i didnt see thx ^^

  50. Kagura12 says:

    Omg finaly!!! it made me cried DX..

  51. Smoothtalk says:

    i’m mirroring the avi, it’ll take a while since it’s 2 parts.

  52. Rin_Kuroki says:

    avi plz ^_^

  53. EmeralSoul says:

    WHAT THE FUCK?!?! How can they fucking end it like that!??! are you fucking kidding me?!??! and when tf are we going to see that blonde fag dead?!?! FU maker of this anime for making it sad >___>

  54. Tenshi Kanade says:

    Lol well the manga is still ongoing and funny so I honestly don’t mind how they end it.

    Although, I guess for a movie that’s irritating, I don’t think it’s as sad as people make it out to be (based off of implied ending)

  55. someone says:

    Yay, Its finally out, I got so board with waiting I made a fan fiction on this… How SAD of me!

  56. Zenyu says:

    this isnt wat happened in the manga..lol…she got saved and lived with them just like the other angeloids…Y must u change it…lol XD

  57. JustMe says:

    I doubt people watch movies past the end credits. I always do because of end credit scenes they like to slip in for patient people.
    But the very end scene seemed to suggest she came back.

    Over all good movie. After watching the first half of it, I wasn’t expecting the second half to be new stuff.

  58. Yoshi93 says:

    its to large for me T.T

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