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Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online Episode 1

The only way to escape is to ‘clear’ the game. Death in game means actual ‘death’ —-

The ten thousand who have logged onto the as of yet mysterious game ‘Sword Art Online’ using their Nerve Gear have been forced into this perilous death game and are trapped inside.

Protagonist Kirito, one of the many gamers, has greeted this ‘truth’.
He plays as a solo player in the giant castle that is the stage for this game —- ‘Aincrad’.

To meet the conditions of clearing the game and leaving this twisted virtual world, he must get through all 100 floors. Will Kirito have what it takes to clear the game, or will he die trying?

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67 Comments to “Sword Art Online Episode 1”

  1. Trank says:

    thx and boring season

  2. Hello says:

    you don’t like boobs and harem!?!?!?!


    But yeah, it is a fairly bad summer, though most summers are on the weak side, just due to the nature of the season.

  3. :V says:

    I have a very high expectation on this series.
    If you liked Accel world, you might enjoy this since it’s form the same author. AND, Yuki Kajiura is the composer of its OST! :D

  4. zer0 says:

    It’s HERE!!!.. yay!!

  5. Jimmy says:

    Yea. Another version of .hack series. Should be great. Oh and avi plz! XD

  6. Raven says:

    AVI plsss!

  7. Namicono says:


  8. zaz122 says:

    I’ve been waiting for this!!!!

  9. Fudge says:

    Can anyone confirm whether UTW have decided to drop this show or not? Their quality is always top notch and would prefer their over HS.

  10. gedh says:

    I thought this would be another crappy anime but it’s actually pretty cool!

  11. Anonymous says:

    HorribleSubs avi please.thank you

  12. Anon says:

    Yeah thank you

  13. Aria Link says:

    You Fools! This the awaited anime this season. >..< SAO!

  14. Keraban says:

    Yay waiting for avi. :D

  15. niO says:

    YEs! Avi PLEASE!! ^^

  16. Traveling Bard says:

    @Trank, Accel World and Kuroko no Basket are pretty good. Better then having nothing :)

  17. :) says:

    Got drawn in within the first 5 minutes of watching.

  18. MKV says:

    Those damn idiots who doesn’t know what they say, SAO is undoubtedly the best anime of this season.

  19. DLG1210 says:

    UTW has stated that they will continue wirh the project but will most likely use a modified CR script

  20. Shazer says:

    I know, I know, others said this before, but…
    I can’t wait til the .avi is available. Been looking forward to this anime. :D

  21. It's so stupid says:

    The death toll after the first month without sustenance is less than 100% how?

  22. Tenshi Kanade says:

    Because they’re in a GAME It’s so stupid…

  23. eyesberg says:

    is it like .hack series???

  24. (-.-) says:

    OMF I see awesomeness on the horizon

  25. Meh says:

    @It’s so stupid

    The reason the death toll after a month isnt 100% is that Kayaba Akihito informed EVERYONE outside of what was happening, so the government moved everyone with the nerve gear into special hospitals where they would be cared for. He allowed them 3 hours where the nerve gear was disconnected (so that they could be moved witohut the gear frying their brains). This explanation was in the light novel.

  26. rocketscience says:

    I’ve been expecting you this..


  27. Steven says:

    It’s not that bad…
    The style is similar with Acceleration World

  28. Tenshi Kanade says:

    Oops, and I considered it from the ingame standpoint, my bad.
    What Meh said.

  29. masajus says:

    Hell, this anime is so good, i cant wait second episode

  30. Meh says:

    On a side note while we discuss the food, technically the in game players dont need to eat food, however they still get hungry, and by eating in game food the nerve gear sends signals to their brain saying they have eaten something, something to do with sending signals allowing them to feel satisfied and full. However in real life the players are being fed nutrients in a hospital to keep thme alive.

  31. zaz122 says:

    @Steven Both the SAO and Accel World light novels were written by the same author.

  32. Sealdrenxia says:


  33. Shuukei says:


  34. wow says:


  35. halo3roxas says:

    can i get an xvid of commie’s subs plz, thx

  36. :3 says:

    Been waiting for this anime for half an year. Its the number 1 light novel for 2012 atm.

  37. trawlawlawl says:

    Waiting for UTWoots! But eee thank you for the upload! :D

  38. wellgosh says:

    Wow. That Game Master is almost as bad as Jay Wilson.

  39. nobody says:

    In the end, this will be an anime where a hero save the girls if they follow the LN, hopefully they will present it different from novels, this novels sometime got repetitive patterns.

  40. SIN says:

    This series is G R E A T, HIGH HIGH HOPES.

  41. Senshi says:

    Easily the best of this season

  42. AnonAnon says:

    !!! Something terrible has happened!!! I finished reading the light novel(s) for this series a few days ago, and now after watching the 1st ep, I realized… I have to wait a WHOLE WEEK for ep 2…

  43. rocketscience says:

    Okay so I watched this and I really fucking enjoyed it. It’s everything Accel World had the potential for and more. I just hope it lives up to its own potentials. It’s PERFECTLY animated, directed, top-notch music from Yuki Kajiura as usual and the main male character.. I’d eat him up if I could.

  44. anonymous says:

    this and Dog days 2 was the only thing i was waiting for this season

  45. Gekokujou says:

    ^This was the only show I was waiting for :/ Man, summer season sucks. Can’t wait till fall!

  46. Maik says:


    Fortunately there are some very few anime like this one that are “passable” to watch

    Not the greatest anime but not bad either

  47. Anonymous says:

    damn. this is a good series

  48. SassyxStar says:

    I’m sorry but AVI please.

  49. Traveling Bard says:

    This season I’ve only seen like maybe two-three anime that I’ll actually end up following. Just to be clear though, THIS one is the best by far this season. Imo.

  50. Ramen says:

    Only decent anime this season

  51. Exist says:

    yes yes yes!!!

  52. Animethug says:

    Interesting premise for an anime. Its a little Battle Royale like in a sense that players must participate and survive or they die. The only thing that bothers me is that if so many people have died from playing this game why haven’t the games creator and the company has been held accountable?

  53. Nadi says:

    @Animethug after the end of the novel, they are held accountable, the company had to close down.

  54. Bamboo☆Scramble says:

    thanks for this

  55. Misaki says:

    @Animethug most likely they will be held accountable after it is all over, but they cant do anything about it while they are in the game because of the risk of them just terminating everyone

  56. Meh says:


    Kayaba Akihito will be announced as a worldwide criminal, however, he knew this was going to happen, so he made sure he was in hiding before he began (hence why the governement hasnt found him). As for the company that backed Kayaba, it will be shut down.

  57. Wyn says:

    Finally, something to redeem this otherwise terrible season.

  58. SassyxStar says:

    Finally got to watch episode 1!
    Sucks that the players are stuck in the game…

  59. snugs says:

    They better stick to the light novels plot otherwise its gonna shit.

  60. Quyen says:

    What if you turned off the Modem or have really bad connection.

  61. sound says:

    Awesome first episode!

  62. Anonymous says:

    .hack//GG noobs

  63. Arklash says:

    reminds me of .hack// ._. death= actual death… really…. same thing as hack, there was a player on Hack, that couldn’t log off on the 2nd season (hack is at least 5 years old, maybe more, but idk)

  64. Jenica says:

    Before watching…
    “This’ll probably be another weird anime”

    After watching first episode…

    Even though it’s too early to say, but I hope they make a second season…

    Oh and thank you so much for uploading the avi versions!!! :D

  65. chuckness says:

    wats the difference between MKV and AVI????

  66. Lauee says:

    How to download?? TwT

  67. Arcaine says:

    Amazing Anime, but I’m looking for complete series to download and do amv.

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