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Sword Art Online Episode 23


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74 Comments to “Sword Art Online Episode 23”

  1. Alsssi says:


  2. John says:

    Thanks!! :D

  3. Ogami says:

    “Success needs no explanation. Failure allows none.”

  4. Hrist says:


  5. bugatto says:

    one word after watching this episode. EPIC.

  6. psyduck says:


  7. Sionrage says:

    Thanks :)

  8. .avi kudasai says:


  9. QQ says:

    right in the feels

  10. Eutechnyx says:

    Arrgh!! i want to watch episode 24 already!!!

  11. Tenshi Kanade says:

    Friendzoned Sugu is okay with that.

  12. Hikari Tsunanda says:


  13. Annoyed says:

    so what lvl is kitito during this whole arc?
    thanks for the post ^_^

  14. Shinydragonite says:

    @Annoyed watch the beginning episodes, it says the game have “no lvls” but “player skill”, since Kirito have the skills=lvls in SAO, his skill lvl is extremely high

  15. Pedobear :3 says:

    Y U NO UPLOAD AVI OR 480p ?

  16. nguyen2621 says:

    Please upload AVI quick

  17. hellscythe says:

    thanks but .avi pls :)

  18. Aiya says:

    asuna come back!!!!!

  19. Aiya says:

    i mean please make asuna come back asap !!!!!

  20. Frog says:

    Alot is gonna happen next ep.

  21. O_O says:

    no AVI?

  22. aiskura says:

    avi please

  23. Cosmoman says:

    The Avi is late…

  24. Bart Tuga says:

    Thanks, but i gonna wait for the .avi

  25. (っ^◡^)っ says:


  26. yuki says:

    avi please… ^___^

  27. .avi kudasai says:


  28. Necromancer1 says:

    yo all you need to STFU rite now and stop asking for AVI and just wait for it and for those else who go saying 1st 2nd need to go to hell

  29. magi says:

    does it matters u? lol stop being a jerk bro. get a life dont be jealous hulala

  30. Outer says:

    such badassery

  31. Raven says:

    AVI PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Double D says:

    Necromancer1 Do you know when the AVI will be done?

  33. wow says:

    getting past that level of the raid looks almost as hard as getting out of the friendzone

  34. skyph says:

    THANKS ^_^

  35. Luigi says:

    AVI is late… XD

  36. Taiga says:

    Avi T.T please

  37. Shad says:

    There is no such thing as Avi being late. They got their own life too

  38. Totally Not Menu says:


  39. Necromancer1 says:

    AVI will be uploaded later and if any of you have a problem with my first comment find me on the chat box or pm me the username Necromancer1

  40. arcks09 says:

    avi will be later cuz people are currently watching a boxing match…..lol

  41. damnit says:

    gotta wait another week :(

  42. mury says:

    mp4 link

  43. IchiGOAWAY says:

    No hailstorm of arrows this time?

  44. Miasma says:

    Ty for the mp4 link mury

  45. Eutechnyx says:

    No .Avi? :/

  46. abc says:

    The comic scene of Recon and Yui is not animated :/

  47. Tai Prime says:


  48. Dreamer says:

    avi torrent downloading error fix it plz

  49. cheesedog says:

    AVI Error 404 – Not Found please fix it thx in advance

  50. inu762 says:

    stop telling us what to do, k?

  51. Anonymous says:

    y it’s the only thing you guys actually do besides host other peoples rips which come out way before here anyhow anime senshi avi’s is the reason people come here otherwise why would they bother can get the same anime and much sooner at many other places

  52. afrkah says:

    avi been stuck at 82.7%

  53. cheesedog says:

    avi torrent stock on 82.7%

  54. @_@ says:

    cant finish the DL for AVI… 92.7% and the DL drop rate is down to ZERO T_T

  55. DoingItNow says:

    AVI is completed. Doesn’t get stuck at 82.7%

  56. Monkey says:

    Only 2 eps left ;_;

  57. That Guy says:

    Kirito is a douche…

  58. Iforgot says:

    Just when I finished downloading the mkv,,, Oh well at least it’s better quality

  59. That Guy says:

    Kirito going into top 5 worse protagonist men of all time…LOL

  60. That Guy says:

    ^ Imposter

  61. I.... says:

    GGO please

  62. DeadSensei says:

    FUCKIN’ EPIC!!!!!!!!

  63. DeadSensei says:

    I hope they release and the other 2 sagas…

  64. msFiorentina says:


  65. Awesome says:


  66. GINTOKI says:

    I hope there isnt a season finale anytime soon.

  67. COMBOBREAKER says:


  68. sachi0817 says:

    i never thought tat i will love this anime…thanks much!

  69. gungaleonline says:

    cant finish the DL for AVI… 92.7% and the DL drop rate is down to ZERO T_T

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  70. mek says:

    anime rock

  71. sakura says:

    ami me gusto mucho cuando kirito y asuma se ban auna casa en el campo y encuentran a yui ala que adoptan y se combrierte en si hija virtual pero por desgrasia se desborona pero kirito la combierte en una lagrima la cual sale en suforma verdadera en la 2 temporada mefasino esta esta serie lo cual se me iso muy hinteresnte porqu la vi en una noche sisale orta serie paresida porfa diganme yo soy ungran fan del anime se los ruego tienen que recomendar me unos animes plisssss

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