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Towa no Quon

Towa no Quon Movie 2

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[Hadena]_Towa_No_Quon_Vol.2_[DVD_720x480_x264_AAC 5.1][7F460E3F].mkv
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Monokage AVI coming soon…

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35 Comments to “Towa no Quon Movie 2”

  1. teeta says:

    Thankssssssss *is the first*

  2. NAYUYUA says:

    thank you

  3. kishinsama says:


  4. noko says:

    Hadena!!! NO!!!! Passersby be damned!

  5. anonymous says:

    I see a lot of hate for the Hadena subs, if they are truly that terrible perhaps some of that energy should be used to edit the scripts and send them corrections.

  6. Carpetfluff says:

    I think it’s mostly when they rush to be first, their version 2′s are often better, but they do have some truly awful subs on some of the shows – they’re sometimes so confusing it’s impossible to watch the show and work them out at the same time.

  7. *____* says:

    Thankssssssssssssss *smacks teeta for being first*

  8. KuroShiroNeko says:



  9. GM_Rusaku says:

    I think I’ll just wait for monokage subs release for consistency.

  10. killa-ninja says:

    ooo, thanks, a monokage avi when available will be appreciated

  11. Jimmy says:

    800mb??? So huge! :((((( Avi plz

  12. DestaGenius says:

    avi plz

  13. msFiorentina says:

    I almost thought the show wuz cancelled…. Glad it wasnt.

    TY 4 the upload!

  14. KAZUHIRO says:

    AVI please…

  15. Anonymous says:

    So how are the Hadena subs on this? Is it better to wait on Monokage?

  16. ochibi says:

    Will you put Monokage version when is out? (in animesesnhi avi)

  17. furzi says:

    AVI of Hadena is being uploaded right now.
    I’ll do the AVI for Monokage too when it gets released.

  18. ochibi says:

    Thanks XD

  19. Anonymous says:

    Thanks very much ^^

  20. Concussed says:

    Can someone confirm weather or not these subs are any good?

  21. Phantoms Cry says:

    @Concussed To be honest, I’ve never had any problems with sub titles. I honestly can’t see how people can complain. I could easily understand everything, but perhaps that’s just my opinion.

  22. Concussed says:

    If their good on this then thats fine, they just have a bah tendency of having quite horrible subs for first releases. I remember I watched their ep.1 of C3 and i spend half the time trying to understand what was going on.

  23. Anonymous says:

    They claimed they would update their status for this movie but never did smh

  24. killa-ninja says:

    Thank you loads for doing avi’s for this.

  25. gin san says:

    yyyeap i watched this already D;!! was super ,can’t wait for chapter 3 “~

  26. gin san says:

    oh,oh,chapter 3 is actually out sadly not subbed yet tho

  27. killa-ninja says:

    is there still a chance of a monokage avi please

  28. Anonymous says:

    “is there still a chance of a monokage avi please”

    2nd this

  29. inu762 says:

    working on avi, just wait a bit, real life is keeping me very busy

  30. killa-ninja says:

    Well big thanks in advance =)

  31. killa-ninja says:

    Nice u da man

  32. Anonymous says:

    why no avi torrent

  33. Meiou Canvas says:

    May I ask for the link to “Towa no Quon 2″ avi download link from megavideo?
    The link doesn’t seem to be clickable here, is megavideo download link not available?

    I had alot of trouble if I can only choose to download from fileserve cos it NEVER lets me download anything!!
    and keep saying I’m downloading a file now, wait for 600 or 900 seconds…etc even though I DIDN’T download anything for days…
    Help please~~~~~~~~

  34. Anonymous says:

    Megaupload link PLEASE?

  35. kris says:

    avi torrent please. thanks

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