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Zero no Tsukaima F

Zero no Tsukaima F Episode 3

Direct Download :

[HorribleSubs] Zero no Tsukaima Final – 03 [720p].mkv
Filesonic | Uploadstation | Torrent
[HorribleSubs] Zero no Tsukaima Final – 03 [480p].mkv
Filesonic | Uploadstation | Torrent
[HorribleSubs] Zero no Tsukaima Final – 03 [Xvid].avi
Filesonic | Uploadstation

63 Comments to “Zero no Tsukaima F Episode 3”

  1. Zankes says:

    Thank you very much Otaku

  2. LumberjackMike says:

    thanks much

  3. Forbiddenloli says:

    no fileserve anymore?
    :( premium wasted again lol
    owell, life goes on
    thanks for the upload anyway :)

  4. Fileserve = CRAP says:

    Filererve is pretty SHIT for free users. The total count of downloads it get is around 200 – 300, which is nothing compared to other hosts plus their uploading is one of worse out there, it takes hours to upload there a file.

    Fileserve is also deleting files like crazy and they’re also terminating accounts in a blink of an eye after what happened with Megaupload…

    There is NO point for any uploader to waste his time for a total of 30 users who have bought a premium account there, while he or she can upload somewhere that would benefit hundreds of other free users…

  5. Tsumiru says:

    KYAAAAAA i waited so long for this! xDDD

  6. RapidshareISGOOD says:

    You can try upload to Rapidshare they have very fast servers. The problem is that they delete files pretty quick

  7. Forbiddenloli says:

    got premium a while back because this site and a couple more use it as their secondary choice (or occasionally 3rd)
    problem is no matter what site someone uploads to, now that MU has been shut down all others are culling their downloads to avoid being shut down themselves
    would use torrents but easily traceable and varying download speeds for me :(
    so if you had to pick – filesonic or uploadstation? which is better for free users?

  8. Carpetfluff says:

    At the rate the upload sites are closing their doors to US users to protect themselves at the moment, which site is used might be academic to those of you from the States. At this rate just taking down one of the biggest sites has probably done a lot of their SOPA intended work for them, in that US users won’t have access to this content from anywhere else in the world.

  9. Mr Negative says:

    I’m a US user. Filesonic indicates this file is deleted. Whether they are restricting US users or just quick on the trigger removing files, this does not look good.

  10. someone says:

    I’m from the UK and the avi file on Filesonic is there… You might want to switch over to torrents or ED2K apps to bypass the US bans Mr Negative.

  11. future says:

    thanks very!!

  12. Wave says:

    Shut up and quit whining.Be glad that there’s anything available at all.

    Besides, Fileserve downloads faster then Filesonic or any of the other ones anyways, and it pretty damn easy to use for free. Don’t be mad just because your internet or computer sucks.

  13. anon says:

    filesonic no longer lets you download files unless you are the uploader so its now pretty pointless

  14. Carpetfluff says:

    Filesonic may not be deleting the files, but they’ve switched their service to personal use only – they don’t allow sharing anymore, hence the dead links.

  15. 0x90 says:

    Sadly I Believe the day of Torrents and NezBin has returned.

    alot of the hosters will settle eventually but wont be a for a while cause at the moment they are doing everything in their power to protect themselves.

    Id highly recommend everyone look at BT-Guard (VPN/Torrent Proxy), Seed Boxes or we all think about moving back to xdcc.

  16. Anon says:

    Filesonic is dead, this is an official message from the Filesonic site –

    All sharing functionality on FileSonic is now disabled. Our service can only be used to upload and retrieve files that you have uploaded personally.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Lol. Uploadstation is one of Fileserve’s sites. Sooner or later they might do the same as Fileserve.

  18. wtf says:

    ok.. i give up on the avi’s.. XD

  19. Anonymoose says:

    How come nobody uses mediafire?

  20. caboose says:

    cause it has a 200MB limit and deletes entire accounts that upload copyrighted content.

  21. Arklash says:

    mediafire for the win!!! unlimited simultaneous downloads for free users =O, and it’s faster downloading than most hosters

  22. Arklash says:

    uploading idk

  23. Project9 says:

    Mediafire may hav a 200mb limit but u can still upload torrents onto it if you dont want to upload it onto other sites

  24. mr.wang says:

    avi torrent pls

  25. Piazza26 says:

    torrent avi please

  26. filesonic out says:

    Looks like filesonic is also deleting its files…

  27. shinart says:


  28. kaito_kid2547 says:

    [req] re-up or torrent the avi.

    Thx, and GBU

  29. Hakista says:

    Please reupload the avi as torrent, or other DDL, the one listed does not provide it anymore thanks

  30. Keraban says:

    Avi links all dead :c

  31. Xknown says:

    could someone upload to mediafire? or fileserve?

  32. Anonymous says:

    pls reupload the avi somewhere. :c

  33. XxPAINSHEDxX says:

    what program do you guys use to play mkv versions of these videos?

  34. Kameko says:

    can someone reupload the avi file ? >_<

  35. Xknown says:

    can someone use the torrent system? didn’t know fileserve was screwed up to.

  36. Jack says:


    Media Player Classic Home Cinema (MPC-HC) in conjunction with some codec packs (I use the K-Lite codec pack).

    The nice thing about MPC-HC is that it supports DVXA video accelleration for codecs such as h.264 which is often used in MKVs.

  37. yen says:

    avi torrent please :(

  38. shinart says:

    im so sad Ep 3 for AVi please thanks god bless more power

  39. Anonymous says:

    @Jack Thanks, really helped.

    Also I have an avi version of this Ep. Only problem is I don’t know how to create a torrent/seed it. Any help and I’ll be happy to get you guys it.

  40. shinart says:


  41. Spectre says:

    Here you go, courtesy of google-fu


    And please someone, be kind and give up avi :)

  42. XxPAINSHEDxX says:

    Here you guys thanks for your help


  43. XxPAINSHEDxX says:

    Please tell me if it works, first time using a torrent system.

  44. XxPAINSHEDxX says:

    link was removed, guess people dont like sharing?

  45. Spectre says:

    Nyaatorrents has somehow gotten it in their heads that avi recodes are evil and redundant. They only allow original releases in avi now. You just need to use some other tracker.

  46. shinart says:

    link Broken sob

  47. Anonymous says:

    Ah ok, will do

  48. shinart says:

    give some link please thanks you

  49. Hakista says:

    The link is broken huhu

  50. Kelleth says:

    Please make the AVI file available on torrent. I can’t use the MKV version :(

  51. yen says:

    same her for avi torrent please =(

  52. Wesker says:

    There is no AVI download link here that works. Please get a torrent up and running.

  53. Anonymous says:

    can u do it with the sendmyway site like u did with others plz.

  54. Anonymous says:

    avi i mean

  55. RefinedZeta says:

    is it possible to upload the commie sub mkv?

  56. Anonymous says:

    sucks.. can’t DL.. :c

  57. Anonymous says:

    avi pls~

  58. Nao says:

    can we have avi with torrent?

  59. xxfenrir21xx says:

    please re-encode some new links. the files are already removed… :c

  60. Anonymous says:


  61. NoName says:

    Can you get any of these to work?

  62. Avi Please. says:

    Its been posted about in the forums and I’ve checked other sites but this one seems to be dead completely. =/

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